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Costa Rica is located in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama and is also called “Switzerland of Central America” ​​because of its neutrality. 1502, Christopher Columbus landed as the first Europeans on the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica and about 50 years later, the country was colonized and belonged to Spain until 1821. In Costa Rica, almost 80% of energy needs are met from renewable sources. Conservation is a priority in this country and also lived, because 30% of the area is under nature protection. The clearing of the rainforest in the 1970s and 80s were largely regenerated. To protect fauna and flora is set on ecotourism and reinvested the profit. In addition to tourism, the country lives from electrical engineering (second biggest foreign exchange is a chip factory of Intel) and agriculture. Coffee, bananas, papaya, melons and sugarcane thrive excellently.
The most famous rums variety is Ron Centenario. Specifically, the sugar cane grows for 15 months and is cut by hand and pressed in a traditional way. The rum is refined after the complicated solera process.