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Vodka or vodka was distilled in the former Kingdom of Poland in Sandomierz in 1405, according to a written mention. This kingdom has a traditional distillation process that is still used in Poland today. In the 16th-18th century, vodka production was repeatedly restricted and even partially banned, especially in Russia. In the 19th century the potato was discovered as a raw material and cheap spirits flooded the Eastern European market. Whether the chemist and developer of the periodic system Dmitri Mendeleev is also the “inventor” of the “modern” vodka remains to be seen, but he introduced the unit of measurement gram for vodka, because 100 grams holds the so-called “Stopka”, the traditional vodka glass. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the combination of water and ethanol and in this way gave decisive advice on how to improve the production process. The oldest branded vodka is considered to be Wyborowa, which has been produced in Polish Poznañ since 1823 and exported to other Western European countries since 1873.

In the meantime, vodka can be found in many countries and with even more brands.