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whiskytime.ch stand for the refined indulgence! A lot of information about the water of life (uisge beatha), about 600 Whisky (Whiskey) and 3500 Rare Whisky (Whiskey Rarities), 60 Grappa, 200 Rum (Rhum) (Ron) and other noble spirits on offer.

Martin Monnier loves noble spirits, especially Single Malt Whisky (Whiskey). He likes to share this passion and his great knowledge with you! Get advice and experience the fascination and the variety of aromas and flavours. Tasting notes help you choose. For questions about Whisky (Whiskey), Grappa, Rum (Rhum), (Ron) or other fine spirits, please contact us.

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History of the business

All began on the 1st January 1975  in a little wooden shed in Biel with a home delivery service. In June 1981 my parents launched the beverage market in Studen. The range of products included several brands of mineral waters and beer in different sizes. The location has remained the same up to this very day.

  • Dec. 1999 take over by Martin and Stefan Monnier
  • Dec. 2000 Diversification with single malt whiskies
  • Feb. 2001 Website launched
  • July 2003 Online store for malt whiskies 
  • Nov. 2004 First own bottling / Old Pulteney 64/39Y “Oldtimer Collection“ 
  • Jan. 2005 Conversion into a public limited company
  • Nov. 2006 Second own bottling / Port Ellen 83/23Y “Oldtimer Collection“ 
  • Feb. 2008 New website with a members’ area
  • Nov. 2012 Opening of the whisky-rarity-gallery
  • Jun. 2016 Refreshing of the homepage and adaption on neu Media

In December 2000, we began taking advantage of my brother’s penchant for a good vintage, for single malt whiskies in particular, by building up a very successful second foothold. At present we are one of the three leading malt whisky specialist shops in Switzerland with 2 exclusive imports:

– Jack Wiebers Whisky World
– Valinch&Mallet Ltd.

During the last years, port wine, grappa, vodka, rum and cognac have been added. With this additional diversification, we will continue to solidify our position in the marketplace.

At the Mowhita 2013 we might open our rarity gallery. Now with approx. 3500 rare Whisky bottlings, Monnier is belongs to the biggest whisky specialist shops of Europe.


Martin Monnier

Martin Monnier Monnier Trading AG - whiskytime.ch
Martin Monnier Monnier Trading AG - whiskytime.ch

I am out-spoken, frank, and like approaching people. My main area of responsibility is the single malt business, where I meet interesting new people every day. In private I have been an aficionado of noble malt whiskies for years. At the end of an exciting and busy day, I like to indulge in a fine single malt – for me, this is the best way to sit back and relax.


Stefan Monnier

I am the man in the background. Regarding my disposition, I tend to be the retiring and cautious one. This may be the reason why we complement each other so well. My main area of responsibility is finance and all kinds of administrative tasks such as dealing with authorities and lawyers etc. For compensation, I do a lot of exercise either in sports or clubbing to the music of the 60s, 70s, and 80s.