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Cuba is an island nation in the Caribbean. It borders the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest and north and to the Caribbean Sea to the south. Capital of the country is Havana. Rum, Cuba and Bacardi belonged together for a long time. Bacardi stands for rum worldwide; and many combine holiday, sun and Caribbean ambience: the famous Bacardi feeling. Behind this image is the world’s largest producer of rum and behind his trademark, the bat, a secret is hidden: the global corporation massively enforces political interests with its enormous economic power and exerts influence on high-ranking US politicians – in 1960 Bacardi must leave Cuba! The white rum produced today by Bacardi is very different from the rum produced in Cuba at that time by the same company. The original distillery, still producing in Cuba according to its own instructions, markets its rum under the brand name “Ron Caney”. The rum produced in Cuba after the old family recipe is called “Santiago de Cuba”.