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Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by Spaniard Juan de Bermudez. He did not go ashore because of the dangerous reefs. It was not until 1609 that 150 passengers entered the island due to shipwreck and lived there for 10 months before sailing on two smaller vessels to their original destination, Virginia. Three years later, around 60 colonists set out to found Staint Goerge’s. The main source of income is, as with almost all Caribbean islands, tourism. Due to its climate potatoes, tobacco, flowers (lilies), vegetables, sugarcane and tropical fruits thrive and are an export good of the country. In addition, Bemuda is the headquarters of Bacardi, not least because of the low tax rates. On Bermuda itself, rum is only produced in rather small quantities.
The best-known rums are Gosling’s and Bacardi rum, even if it’s just on paper!