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Alfons Walcher laid in 1966 the foundation stone for later commercial production of grappa and other noble distillates from South Tyrol. He set up the first, self-bought still in the cellar of the parental tower farm and distilled in the Wasserbadverfahren from Chardonnay and Blauburgundertrauben the private distillery noble drops, whose taste quality soon spoke for itself. As chairman of the winery St. Michael / Eppan or as a founding member of the South Tyrolean Grappa Producers Association, Alfons Walcher carried the passion out profitably. Alfons Walcher is still actively involved in promoting the South Tyrolean drinking and grappa culture across the borders of South Tyrol. Genuine South Tyrolean grappa can be recognized by the South Tyrolean quality mark. Only selected pomace from South Tyrol is used for the production. South Tyrolean grappa must be distilled and bottled in South Tyrol. South Tyrolean grappa guarantees high purity and quality, is crystal clear and unique in its kind.