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Paolo Marolo of Distilleria Santa Teresa is one of the best Grappa producers in Italy. Year after year, his fires are honored with awards. He leads the Distilleria Santa Teresa in Alba with enthusiasm. In 1977, he wanted to realize his desire to transform a traditional one into an outstanding product. Only fresh and selected pomace of noble vines is processed. It is important that everything happens in harmony with nature. A large part is done by hand, since the two small distillers with water bath – one for the white and one for the red pomace – are not automated, the processing must be monitored at each stage. Therefore, the production is possible only in small – but fine quantities. Marolo has really managed to combine tradition, craftsmanship, technology and marketing, so that his high-quality Grappas will find their lovers well beyond the borders of the country. The labels drawn by the master Gianni Gallo also help to shape the history of the distillery