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Berta – a family business with tradition and vision. In this country is one of the most famous distilleries in Italy. Already in its 4th generation, the Berta family is dedicated to Grappa production. Francesco Berta, born in 1866 and involved in the family winery from childhood, was a far-sighted man who enabled his second-born son Michele to become pharmacists, usually trained as priests. This decision and the opening of a pharmacy in Milan in the 1930s was a cornerstone of the success of the family business Berta. The brothers Giovanni and Michele worked closely together and could benefit each other. This collaboration opened up new sales channels and the di Roccanivo winery in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo was able to respond to customer requests. Thus, Berta survived the turmoil of the First World War almost unscathed. Paolo, Giovanni’s youngest son studied viticulture technology and continued to run the business, opening the first distillery in 1947 in Nice Monferrato. His goal was to add value to the winery products by producing grappa and spirits. The main feature of Paolo and Lidia is quality, uniqueness in taste and design, and many soon became aware of the small distillery. The excellent taste of Grappa gets around quickly and Berta becomes one of the leading producers. Since the 1980s, the family shares the business: Paolo is dedicated to the cultivation of Grappa, Lidia the bottles, son Gianfranco, the production and son Enrico of the marketing. Since 1987, Simonetta Ghignone Berta, Gianfranco’s wife, has been the manager and the next generation is waiting to take on her duties. Paolo has always said that you have to create great grappas and mature in oak barrels. In 1994, with the opening of the tavern of friends, the first Riserva was presented. This market novelty conquers the whole Grappa world in no time at all. The distillery in Nice Monferrato has to be expanded again and the planning of a new state-of-the-art distillery at the winery begins. This will be opened in 2002