Absinth is a liquor which is produced from anise, wermuth, fennel and herbs. The first absinth was already at the beginning of the 18th century produced in the Val de travers (NE). The regional herbs award a unique taste to him. Absinth initially was sold as remedy.

1797 the recipe of the family Henriod was bought by major Dubied and together with his son-in-law Henri Louis Pernod he founded the first absinth distillery. Absinth was the first high-proof drink which also ladies of the good society were allowed to drink in public.

Alcohol consumption increased rapidly, as absinth was cheaper than wine. By 1900, there are more and more voices for the prohibition of absinthe, as it is harmful to health and also make crazy. In Switzerland, there was even a referendum, which forbade the sale of absinth in 1910.

Since 2005 the Absinth-production is legalized. A lot of distilleries in the Val-de-Travers are very proud to have a unbroken Absinth-history of more than 250 years.

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