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Aberlour: Foundation: 1826 pronunciation: “Abe -lauer” meaning: mouth of the Lour Status: in operation

In the small town of Aberlour, a licensed distillery founded by James Gordon and Peter Weir started production as early as 1826. It fell victim to a major fire in 1878 and was not put back into operation. It stood directly on the River Spey. James Fleming, a banker and co-owner of the nearby Dailuaine distillery, built the Aberlour distillery in 1879 where it is today. Fleming chose the new location because of the mysticism of the place and because of the spring water in Drosdans Well. The healing, magical and enchanting effect of the water from this spring was to continue in his whisky. The new distillery built by Fleming also fell victim to a large fire in 1898. Aberlour had to be completely rebuilt. The majority of the buildings still standing today date from the time of this rebuilding.
The whisky is nutty in style, soft, has a nutmeg-like flavour and is drunk more for dessert or as a digestif. In addition, a sherry note is an integral part of most bottlings..