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Aberfeldy: Founded: 1896 Pronunciation: “Aber-feldi” Meaning: estuary of Pheallaich Status: in operation

The whisky distillery Aberfeldy can be found in the village of the same name on the River Tay. The mountain resort is located in the Grampian Mountains in the southern Highlands. With the exception of the warehouses, their old buildings are in line. At one end the barley is delivered, one building after the other goes through the different production steps and at the other end comes out as new make, i.e. as young whisky. Aberfeldy is the only distillery we know of that combines all the buildings in a row – from the klin (=malt floor), to the mash and fermenting house, to the stillhouse (=building with the copper kettles pot stills) – into a single long complex. It is considered the longest distillery in Scotland! The distillery produces around the clock and is worth a visit not only because of its very informative visitor centre and good guided tours.
Aberfeldy whiskies are characterised by oily, fruity, slightly peaty and round aromas.