2. Rumdinner

Rumdinner 13.8.2021 Monnier Studen im Stadthaus Nidau

Friday, 26th August 2022

18.30h Apéro / 19.00 Dinner

Culinary delights and rum from all over the world will be matched and you will feel like you are on a Caribbean cruise !!!!

Stadthaus Nidau, Hauptstrasse 18 (1st floor – event location)
Fr. 95.– per person

Honey mustard sausages with chutney
Carrot puree, pickled shallots
peach with sour cream and rocket salad
Lime – coconut soup with
confit salmon and cashew nuts
Carre of veal roasted in one piece on a charcoal grill
wild broccoli, corn and thyme jus
Dark toblerone mousse with pineapple and almond brittle