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Aberlour 10Y

CHF 40.00



Alcoholic Content



70 cl


Nose: Very clearly nutty, with a hint of sherry. By Michael Jackson Quite easily, something immature in the nose. After melon, ginger, a touch of cream, raisins and sherry. By Dave Broom

Mouth: Nutty, malty. Unusually textured. Nougat and a Touch cherries. Beautifully balanced. By Michael Jackson Fruitcake / Sherry begins to emerge, but a bit thin and easy. By Dave Broom

Finish: Long, but gently betändig with subtle spice. Nutmeg? Cinnamon? By Michael Jackson Slightly bitter. By Dave Broom

Comment: Very challenging but achievable. By Michael Jackson It lacks the wood integration. A medium-weight Malt, takes time to full maturity. By Dave Broom